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 YMCA Youth Gambling Awareness Program (YGAP)
Profile and Background
Program Overview:
The YMCA Youth Gambling Awareness Program (YGAP) is a collaborative effort between the YMCA of Greater Toronto and 18 local YMCAs across the province, with 7 sites offering the programming in both official languages (English & French). The Program is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion. Since its inception in 2000, the program has been expanding in response to the proliferation of gambling activities throughout the Province and beyond.  In 2007, YGAP opened two sites in Nova Scotia.
The Sault Family YMCA has been part of the program since the program began in 2000.  By the end of 2008, the YGAP has successfully delivered the program to more than   15 000 youth ages 8-24, parents, teachers, and other professionals living in the Sault Ste. Marie community.
The goal of the Youth Gambling Awareness Program (YGAP) is to implement educational prevention programs designed to raise youth awareness with regards to gambling, making informed decisions, and healthy/active living.
·         The YMCA does not make value judgments regarding gambling; rather we see it as an activity that people may or may not choose to engage in.
·         Using harm reduction, YGAP offers youth accurate information to help them make informed choices around gambling and other high risk activities.
We Serve:
The program serves young people between the ages of 8-24 and adults involved in young people’s lives.


In its first six years, the program has been delivered to more than 207,000 youth, parents, and professionals working with youth across the province.
We offer:
Raising Awareness Workshops:
·         Interactive sessions for youth ages 8-24
·         Interactive sessions for adults involved in young people’s lives
·         Curriculum activities based on Ministry of Education requirements
·         Attendance at community fairs/events
Community Involvement Initiatives:
The planning and implementation of events designed to promote community awareness and involvement in issues related to youth gambling
Youth Engagement Initiatives:
Peer to Peer or Youth Voices activities which are processes for promoting youth expression and community action.
For more information contact:
Carly Smith
Youth Outreach Worker
YMCA Community Services
Sault Ste. MarieYMCA
Direct Line: 705-943-3500
 Mina Hazar
Program Coordinator
YMCA of Greater Toronto
T: 416-928-3362 x2012
C: 416-358-9222


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